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 "The Dissident"
Original Airdate: December 14, 1984
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Plot Summary - Diana collaborates with Nathan Bates to set up a force field around Los Angeles.  The Resistance formulates a plan to capture the force field's creator, while Robin confesses her love for Kyle to Elizabeth.

Detailed Review -


Freedom Network Medal of Valour - The Freedom Network Medal of Valour is awarded this week to Janet Weinberg, a Daytona Beach computer programmer who led a raid on a Visitor detention camp, freeing over 200 American prisoners.

Bloopers and Nitpicks -


Memorable Moments           Ham:  You gotta be more careful, there's a war going on.
          Kyle:  I thought we were supposed to have faith in each other?
          Ham:  Faith is for nuns and amateurs ...  
Diana:  Jane Badler
Lydia:  June Chadwick
Elizabeth Maxwell: Jennifer Cooke
Willie: Robert Englund
Juliet Parrish:  Faye Grant
Ham Tyler: Michael Ironside
Mike Donovan:  Marc Singer
Nathan Bates:  Lane Smith
Robin Maxwell: Blair Tefkin
Elias Taylor:  Michael Wright
Kyle Bates: Jeff Yagher
Guest Stars
Mr. Chiang: Aki Aleong
Jacob: John McLiam
Howard K. Smith: Howard K. Smith
Ensign:  Robert Thaler
Additional Guest Stars:
Anthony de Longis, Armand Cerami, Robert Mackenzie, Richard Manheim 
Executive Producer:  Daniel H. Blatt
Executive Producer:  Robert Singer
Supervising Producer:  Garner Simmons 
Producer:  Dean O'Brien
Creator:  Kenneth Johnson
Writer:  Paul F. Edwards
Director: Walter Grauman

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